Naoto Matsumura won’t be lonely anymore: he will have lots of company with all the decontamination work that will be happening in Tomioka-machi


The following, we make a call for proposal.
In addition, according to the competitive contract this project is to the condition that the invention FY2012 budget according to said operations is established, Jitatsu budget is performed.

2nd April 2012
Y. Ozeki, Counsellor with government reconstruction agency oversees
professional office environment Miyuki Ikeda manager Tohoku Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

One business name

Preliminary survey work necessary measures such as decontamination in Tomioka-machi FY2012





+Fukushima+Prefecture,+Futaba+District,+Japan&gl=us&sa=X&ei=h9VFUcb5Ea3C4AO2vIHAAw&ved=0CIYBELYD,Guardian of Fukushima’s Animals Naoto Matsumura, Guardian of Fukushima’s Animals | Facebook, guardian of fukushimas animals,,, lone man of tomioka, Naoto Matsumura, Naoto Matsumura Guardian of Fukushima’s Animals | Facebook,naotomatsumura,Tomioka, tomioka animals, tomioka holdout,Tomioka-machi,…/182452015189991Naoto Matsumura

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