Damage Caused to Japanese Animal Rescuers working to Help the Fukushima No-Go Zone Animals

For those of you that may be checking this page for posts on “what is not being said” about the arrest of Hoshi and his son, there will be information about “what is not being said” and the twisting of facts on my blog. Although it may be apparent to some, there is damage that is being caused to other LEGITIMATE Japanese animal rescuers. The Japanese animal rescuers that ACTUALLY use the money that is donated to them to feed and rescue the Fukushima animals. The organizations that SHOW each month what was donated and where the money was spent. The Japanese Animal Rescuers that do get a PERMIT that is not FORGED because they HAVE a SHELTER for the animals that they rescue. PERMITS given by the Government of Japan’s officials. These Japanese Animal Rescue Groups are being hurt by what is going on and for the remaining Fukushima animals, it is the same as stealing food from them so that it can be used for something else.


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