What it boils down to is “accounting for money donated that should have been used for the Fukushima animals”.


When you collect money for a cause, the money should be used “specifically” for what you say it is going to be used.  You collect money for the Fukushima animals, then money should be used for them.  It seems that much money was used by the Hoshi family on “hi-tech” gadgets to “oohhh” and “ahhh” people.  While they were doing this, other groups were simply entering areas to feed and rescue animals.  Why couldn’t the Hoshi family do this, you may wonder?  One of the reason’s is that they NEVER BUILT A SHELTER, even though they talked about it.  Because they had no shelter, they were not able to enter the Fukushima evacuated areas like other groups were able.  The Hoshi Family could not get legitimate permits.  Thus, they continued to “oohhh” and “ahhh” people by playing up their “exploits”.    There was little regard to the damage that they were causing.  When they were caught using forged documents, not just once, they had little regard what that would do to the LEGITIMATE organizations that were entering areas to feed and rescue animals.  You can check other groups and see that they were entering areas at the same time as the Hoshi Family, and they did it without the “high-tech” gear.

When they set up their “hi-tech” capture machine in a house, did they ask the owner permission to tear the house up to insert this equipment?  And, the “oohhs” and the “ahhhs” continued.  How much money was spent on that when a simple trap would have sufficed?

If they are honest, they will admit that this wasn’t ONLY about the animals, when you start to talk about making a MOVIE, it seems that other interests, like EGO, becomes the main CONCERN.  He lost me when he wrote a statement about checking their NAMES on GOOGLE and how high on the list he was.  That wasn’t about animals, that was about EGO, no matter how you may want to make it seem like it wasn’t.

The only true loser in all of this are the FUKUSHIMA ANIMALS that were given money for help and that money was never used on them.  And, SHAME on ALL of YOU that Perpetuated this LIE; you know who you are and how you helped to PROMOTE HOSHI and family as something THEY ARE NOT.  Where was your concern for the Fukushima animals?

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