250 cattle located in Tomioka and the Blog entry that disappeared.


There were a few people that went to a lot of trouble to try and hide this article. However, they did not get everyone and I found 1 other source that could confirm that this article was published on the original blog before it was removed. All other people that “shared” this article no longer have it, but 1 blog site did still have the blog article link and refers to what it was about.

It is very incriminating and does show that there is collusion try and hide information about the cattle in TOMIOKA. It involves the Water Company that wants to test cattle to Decontaminate them, the Japan Veterinary Medical Association, and anyone that works with them, like Endo-san, Naoto Matsumura’s friend that works for the Sosei Water Company.  But, the cattle everyone knows is kept on Naoto Matsumura’s ranch,  the same Naoto Matsumura that is called the Guardian of Fukushima’s Animals.

Naoto Matsumura is not worried.  Not when he has his personal reporter and staff of followers that will continue to work and cover up stories that might “tarnish” his image.  It’s been done and continues to be done.

*March 10, 2012

YatteYaru’s blog: There were about 250 head of cattle in Tomioka. The cattle located in Tomioka have been “entrusted to the care” of a private research company called SW, Sosei Water, in collaboration with the Japan Veterinary Medical Association.


Proof that the article did exist:

Tomioka is also feeding in the town by the staff. Current status of cows in the area warning.

※ Yatteyaru ‘s Blog





Article originally copied here:


All copied as always to PDF.



+Fukushima+Prefecture,+Futaba+District,+Japan&gl=us&sa=X&ei=h9VFUcb5Ea3C4AO2vIHAAw&ved=0CIYBELYD, dog from japanese news clip,Guardian of Fukushima’s Animals | Facebook,guardian of fukushimas animals,http://maps.google.com/maps?q=naoto+matsumura&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hq=&hnear=0x6020e6d871b0438d:0x4909ad1052cc1db6,http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/08/31/japan-farmer-fukushima-nuclear-zone_n_943012.html, lone man of tomioka, Naoto Matsumura, Naoto Matsumura Guardian of Fukushima’s Animals | Facebook,naotomatsumura, The Most Radioactive Man on Earth Has the Kindest Heart, the-buddha-of-fukushimas-forbidden-zone-, Tomioka, tomioka animals, tomioka holdout,Tomioka-machi, weebly

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