Hey, what about the Mystery Dog? Another Reference to Naoto Matsumura, Guardian of Fukushima’s Animals, and the mystery dog.


“Matsumura rescued this dog from a trap, but was not able to save his leg.” Found in the article: Hero for the animals of Fukushima , printed 

Monday March 12th, 2012
So, it seems that the “controllers” of information have not been able to “clean-up” all the references about this dog.  Especially when it comes to blogs or articles that are not Japanese.  Whew.
This article came out in March 2012.  And, yet again, everyone cheered for Naoto Matsumura.  The writer of this article says : “The heroism — the absolute selflessness — is almost beyond comprehension.”
Doesn’t anyone look at this photo of this dog that Naoto Matsumura “rescued” from a trap and wonder HOW ANYONE COULD LET THIS DOG RUN AROUND IN THIS CONDITION?
This article is from someone that is supposed to be “for animals”, but did this person really take a look at the photo of this dog and wonder, especially when IT HAS BONE STICKING OUT OF ITS LEG?
Who are these animal lovers that post articles about Naoto Matsumura and photos of animals that are claimed as being part of  Naoto Matsumura’s TOMIOKA animals.  Do they really care about animals or is this really acceptable?  Naoto Matsumura’s treatment of animals is deplorable.  There have been many examples, but no one seems to say anything.   All they do is have a Naoto Matsumura “love-fest”.  That is based on a person, not on how the Tomioka animals are really being treated.  Do you need reminders?  They can be posted.  ALL OF THEM.
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