Who is responsible for Mis-leading Animal Sympathizers with WRONG information?


The photo is posted on http://www.catvideos.com/mews/saving-abandoned-pets-after-disaster-japan.  Under this photo is the caption : “Naoto Matsumura, the Guardian of Fukushima’s Animals”.  This page is littered with references and contacts for Naoto Matsumura, Hachiko Coalition, aka Hachiko Animal Federation, and the Hoshi Family.

But what is really interesting is that the photo that is used for this DOES NOT have anything to do with the Fukushima animals.  It is not even close.  The photo is for a photo exhibit.  The exhibit is for cats that live by a river bed and that are fed by people.  However, there was an issue about the cats and construction that was going to happen there, and the cats were losing their home.

“Be protected by the cooperation of various people is determined. Uncle and I’ve been feeding morning and evening for seven years. I’ve taken the last half a year spent in the riverside.  (Please refer to this blog uncle and Kawahara cat series for more information)”  http://ameblo.jp/uchino-toramaru/day-20120918.html

The article seems to know enough to explain in detail how “wonderful”  Leo and Hiroshi Hoshi are; how wonderful Naoto Matsumura is, what a good group Hachiko Coalition, aka Hachiko Animal Federation is, but for some reason they deemed it FINE to use a photo that had nothing to do with any of these people or groups.

What do you call that?   Are they deliberately trying to take advantage of animal sympathizers, animal activists, and animal lovers that can’t read what is written in Japanese?   Is that how its done?







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