Irresponsible Reporters spread Information with Terrible Results: Remember the 2 Loyal Tsunami Dogs?

Do you remember the 2 loyal tsunami dogs?  We know that Mei-chan was found by her owner, but Lee-chan was still missing.   The owner is still looking for Lee-chan.  Maybe you thought they were both rescued, because of “bad” reporting on the part of CNN.  Maybe you thought they both were rescued because of multiple claims based on an individual.  All were wrong.  Had those claims NOT been said, people would have kept looking for Lee-chan.  In fact, another photo has turned up about her.  She was not standing on the day the Fuji-TV video was made, but she was standing the next day.  She was photographed by a building.  If she was there, and people were still looking for her, then maybe she would have been rescued at that time.  But, that did not happen.  If you can help, or remember anything about seeing Lee-chan or another dog that looked very much like Lee-chan in a video or photo of the Japanese Earthquake or Tsunami survivors, please contact the person in the link below.  The owner of Lee-chan has not given up.  Please, if you remember anything, contact her.  Thank you.

Image of Lee-chan (this photo is taken by Takuya Imai who is a cameraman of Nikkei news paper, at near by Madoka-Ann, on March 14th, 2011. about 7 am)

Madoka-Ann was the place where the dogs filmed by Fuji TV
津波で倒壊した家に残る犬(14日午前、仙台市若林区)=写真 今井拓也
A dog stay with a house which was collapsed by tsunami (March 14th, 2011. Morning, Arahama) = The picture by Takuya Imai
When these dogs filmed by Fuji TV on March 13th 2011, 4-5 pm, white dog (Lee-chan) laid herself down on the ground, but next morning Lee-chan stood up by herself in Nikkei photo.
Their real owner said “This dog of the photo is Lee!”

Image of Lee-chan (filmed by Fuji TV at March 13th 2011 about 4-5 pm.)

Do you know someone who had been in Sendai around March – April 2011? 
Actually, PETA Asia, HSI, Kinship Circle, other foreign cameramen, human rescuers had been in Sendai at that time, but I don’t know other foreign people.
If you know, please tell them this info & please tell me.
I think that there is possibility Lee-chan was got by overseas people, and she was adopted to far from Sendai Japan, but those rescuers might believed in false rescue report and they have not look for the real owner.
Or they might did not notice that Lee-chan is same dog as one on TV, or might did not know about these dogs at the beginning.
Pattern on Mei-chan (brown tan dog) is so characteristic, but there are many dogs like Lee-chan (white injured dog).
If anyone have the info on the missing Lee-chan (white female setter), whoever please tell me (Mika Iwamuro) via Email

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