More Mystery Dog photos. And, another mystery, why the photos, taken by Naoto Matsumura, on the links below CANNOT be used in Japan?

It seems that some of the photos that Naoto Matsumura took and are “for Sale” are not allowed to be used in Japan.  That is odd, especially when the photos with the dogs and cats would be so useful for any Tomioka owner that might be looking for their pet.   The links should take you to photos of the mystery dog that is caught in a trap.  If you had been under the impression that Naoto Matsumura had no “control” over the dog while it was in the trap, look at the photos.  He had an option to gain control of the dog so that it could be taken to a vet.  But, apparently that did not happen.  What would really be interesting to hear, is how did he release this dog?  Look at the photo of this dog, and then look at the photos of this dog in the snare.  Just what did Naoto Matsumura do to this dog to release it??????
Stock Photo ID:
Date Photographed:
April 07, 2011
Model Released:
No Release
Property Released:
No Release
Naoto Matsumura/HANDOUT
© Naoto Matsumura/HANDOUT/AFLO/Nippon News/Corbis
License Type:
Rights Managed (RM)
  • Not available for license to or for use in Japan. For multi-territory license please contact your Corbis Account Representative.
  • Not available for distribution, sale, or license by Corbis’ international representatives.

Filename: PVAA_Farmer_Living_in_Fukushima_Nuclear_Zone_016.JPG
From gallery: Farmer Naoto Matsumura Living in Fukushima Nuclear Zone
Photographer: Naoto Matsumura/HANDOUT
Source: AFLO
Date 7 Apr 2011
Location: Tomioka Japan
Credit: Naoto Matsumura/HANDOUT
Model Release: No
Property Release: No
Direct Link:

The photo on this entry came from:

“06:29 The roads leading to Tomioka Town was partially still in damaged state, just left like that,with no repairs made. From the car window, you can see the piles of rubbles just left like that.06:49 As you enter Tomioka Town, a dog appeared. If you look closely, you can tell that he has a collar.06:55 (M) “Come here.”As Matsumura-san called out, the dog comes running over.It appears that he went into the mountains looking for food and got his leg caught in a trap meant for wild boars and lost his leg.”  (More to follow about the mystery dog in other posts not written yet.)

This is a news video about life in the exclusion zone. It was shown on Japanese TV on “Super J Channel”. We’re happy to be able to post the English translation courtesy of Mr. Matsumura’s Facebook page. (And is one of the pages that removed any photos of this dog when questions started to be asked about this dog.)

The actual photos that were removed and a reference to the above blog’s link can be found here:

+Fukushima+Prefecture,+Futaba+District,+Japan&gl=us&sa=X&ei=h9VFUcb5Ea3C4AO2vIHAAw&ved=0CIYBELYD,contaminated man,decontamination of animals, dog from japanese news clip,Guardian of Fukushima’s Animals | Facebook,guardian of fukushimas animals,,,kiseki, lone holdout, lone man of tomioka,matsumura-san, miracle dog, Naoto Matsumura,Naoto Matsumura Guardian of Fukushima’s Animals | Facebook,naotomatsumura, nuclear ghost zone, radioactive man, rice farmer, sosei water, testing on animals,testing on Fukushima animals, The Most Radioactive Man on Earth Has the Kindest Heartthe-buddha-of-fukushimas-forbidden-zone-Tomioka,tomioka animalstomioka holdoutTomioka-machi,weebly
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