Naoto Matsumura, RADIOACTIVE MAN, and the Miracle dog, Kiseki. Manipulation of Animal Lovers continues. The Real Story about Kiseki.


The photo from the Vice documentary show a photo of a dog that the Radioactive Man, Naoto Matsumura aka Guardian of Fukushima’s animals, rescued in the summer of 2012.  It says:

“A dog that survived trapped inside a cattle barn for a year and a half after the nuclear disaster by eating the dead flesh of the starved cattle, and was eventually rescued by Naoto in the summer of 2012. Though most of the dog’s fur had fallen out, he recovered thanks to Naoto’s dedicated care. Naoto named the dog Kiseki (“miracle” in English) because of this. (Right) Kiseki, approximately two months after being rescued. His fur has grown back, and he looks like a dog again.” (

This dog, Kiseki, was not trapped in a barn.  You can clearly see in the photo above, the dog was outside of the barn.  However, the clever collaborators of ” Legend building” have decided that it was more dramatic to say ” trapped inside a cattle barn.”  Does make it seem more dramatic doesn’t it?  The dog was photographed by a photographer that was WITH NAOTO MATSUMURA at the time.

This photograph was taken in April of 2012, but for some reason, the “Legend” builders did not write about this dog’s rescue until August of 2012.  That was when the dramatic story of Kiseki first came to light.

Link will show you the original photo of Kiseki OUTSIDE of the barn:

And, on this link :

So, the dog was seen in April 2012, but nothing was posted about the rescue of this dog until August 2012. 

The rescue of Kiseki is first mentioned in August 26,  2012 on Naoto Matsumura’s blog:  Miracle Dog

“An incident happened last Sunday. 

A volunteer friend came to help me. First in the morning, he said, “I want to see all the dead cows that you can see on the Internet. Would you please take me there?” I wasn’t really thrilled by it, but I decided to honor his wish. It takes only 10 minutes to get there by my little truck. We walked over the cow pen. The smell hit our noses. He wandered around, taking pictures with his cellphone. Then we found a dog. We got close and took a close look at it. The dog was lying down and looked like a worn-out rag. Its hair was almost gone, only some unshiny hair left. It breathed hard. It didn’t look like it could stand up. Its eyes were vacant. (Instinctively I thought it would live only a day or two more.)”

Naoto Matsumura did take the dog to the vet to have it treated and cared for him until November 5, 2012, Naoto Matsumura gave Kiseki to someone that would care for it because he was worried that Kiseki would not survive the recent cold weather in the mornings and evenings.   PLEASE NOTICE that he has Kiseki living in CARDBOARD.  With all the donations that this man receives, he keeps a sick and elderly dog in CARDBOARD.

November 5, 2012 Kiseki’s move

“未分類 「キセキ」の体毛が殆んど生え揃ったが、まだ伸びが無く、最近の朝夕の寒さに耐えれそうもなさそうなので、東京の北田さんに相談して引き取ってもらう事に成りました。Kiseki’s hair has started growing almost throughout his body, but it’s still short. It didn’t look like he could survive the recent cold weather in the mornings and evenings. So I had asked Mr. Kitada in Tokyo to adopt the dog. Mr. Kitada, please take care of him !”



And, the last post about Kiseki was :  

November 24, 2012 : Kiseki Now

“Kiseki,” make sure to taste the utmost happiness from now on! Things I learned from Kiseki… His life totally changed and is coming up roses a year and a half after he wandered around in the evacuation zone, became worn out, struggled to stay alive and eventually came blessed with the chance and the meeting.
* “Kiseki” means “miracle” in Japanese.

Leave it to the Legend builders that create STORIES that seem to make Naoto Matsumura, Guardian of Fukushima’s Animals into something that he is not.  WHO KEEPS A SICK DOG IN CARDBOARD?  And still all those people that say that they LOVE animals, cheer.  Does no one really care about the animals that are treated like this?  Over 20,000 dollars donated to him to help the Fukushima pets.  Where did all that money go? 

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