Maybe you have noticed the changes that have and are taking place with “posts” and “photos” on the Naoto Matsumura, Guardian of Fukushima’s Animals Facebook page.


Maybe you have noticed the changes that have and are taking place with “posts” and “photos” on the Naoto Matsumura, Guardian of Fukushima’s Animals Facebook page.  It’s pretty interesting to watch how things are altered to make what has been said about the posts and information change.  Not only can you delete on Facebook, but that neat addition of “back dating” seems to be helping them out.  Although, if you have copied things, the changes are easy to pick out.  It’s called “covering your tracks”.   Other than “personal attacks”, the other favorite option for these Naoto Matsumura “legend builders” is deleting and backdating.  They must be going into overdrive for that.

Pictures gone from links, information posted to cover what has been pointed out as a “mistake”.  It’s all about credibility and integrity or in this case, making sure that what they have posted doesn’t make them look bad.   That can go on for only so long before more mistakes are made and then it keeps getting harder and harder to cover them.

Facebook tricks that help out when you need to cover your tracks.

1. Delete

2. Backdate

We have plenty of stories of our past. With Facebook Timeline, you can update not only your ongoing life events, but also stories and updates from any past date on your timeline.

To do this, mouse hover on any part of the long line that represents your timeline and you will see a ‘Plus’ button appear. Click on that button.

3. Hide From Timeline

In case there are stories you want to hide from your Timeline, you can click on the ‘Edit or Remove’ button on the top right corner of your status box, and select ‘Hide from Timeline’.

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