Update to IC3 complaint information : the use of the phrase “official news outlet”, inferring that Naoto Matsumura, Guardian of Fukushima’s Animals, is just that.


When you infer that you are an “official news outlet”, let’s hope that you can back that up.

Update sent:

On the Facebook page that is owned by one of the people that was donating money to a man that was not a charity NPO at the time, this comment was found. In the comment, this page infers that it is “an official news outlet” and thus more credible. The reporters that she refers to were upset that I used a photograph that showed an abusive act towards an animal, thus with 1 photograph, 2 photographers with different names claimed both ownership and asked to have the photo removed, which it was. However, the point of this update is : please make sure that this individual(s) are not sending out e-mails making the claim of being an “official news outlet” to garner more credibility for “donations” to a charitable cause, which at the time, this man was not.

Naoto Matsumura, Guardian of Fukushima’s Animals : S, please do not believe a facebook page that is not an official news outlet, nor is (the owner) located in Japan, nor does she speak or read Japanese. She is an American drawing conclusions for drama. We have addressed her in the past. Prominent photographers for news agencies in Japan have requested that she no longer use their photos as she associates them with lies. This post below, would be a good example as such. Naoto Matsumura is not a scientist nor a doctor. He has never, not will, conduct vivisections on animals. Thats just outrageous, silly, and a demented conclusion to draw to be frank. Please facebook responsably. Thank you so much. facebook.com/pages/Badly-Stuffed-Animals/325523944124623#!/photo.php?fbid=271963279572197&set=a.182470031854856.28558.182452015189991&type=3&theater


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