The value of animals used for Research : after the Fukushima disaster and Hurricane Sandy


The Lives of animals that are used for “research” only have value to the scientists for the “data” that they can provide to them. This is not just the scientists in Japan, but anywhere the animals are used. Below are 2 articles, one about Fukushima Research Animals and the other about Research animals in  New York after Hurricane Sandy.

Many laboratory animals died from the Fukushima disasters and from the subsequent evacuations. There is no way of knowing just what kinds of laboratory animals died and how many. ALIVE writes, “The tragedy of laboratory animals: Laboratory animals that live in confined conditions were also greatly affected when lifeline supplies were cut off. Without food and water they quickly face death. ..A major worry is that there is no registration or application system for facilities engaging in animal experimentation and there is no legal way to trace down or oversee what goes on in these animal experimental facilities.”

In the United States, after Hurricane Sandy caused major flooding, an article was written about the damage caused. There were 2 small mentions about the laboratory animals that died, but much more about the “research” lost. The scientists only worry was about “data”, not about the animals that died from drowning.

“When the historic storm surge that accompanied Hurricane Sandy hit Manhattan, water inundated the basement of the Smilow Research Building at New York University (NYU). Thousands of laboratory mice housed in the building drowned, and valuable tissue samples were lost. “

“Research animals and key laboratory infrastructure, including some generators, were housed in the lower floors of the center and were destroyed by the flooding. Small teams were sent to the research facility as soon as they could safely get in. Backes said, but by that time, the temperatures in some refrigerators and freezers…..”

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