Radiation Studies approved on Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Victims, no need to tell them that they are “test subjects”.


” The institutional review board of the Institute of Medical Science, University of Tokyo, approved the study with a waiver of informed consent.” Informed consent is when a person is told that their personal information, including medical history, will be used for something, like a study. The waiver was probably granted due to the “nuclear disaster”.

“A voluntary screening program for levels of cesium (134Cs and 137Cs), known to be representative of total internal radiation exposure,2 was conducted between September 26, 2011, and March 31, 2012, for all residents aged 6 years or older using a whole-body counter (Fastscan Model 2250) shielded to background radiation.”

“A total of 9498 residents enrolled in the study. The sample consisted of 1432 children (720 girls; median [range] age, 11 [6-15] years) and 8066 adults (4512 women; median [range] age, 44 [15-97] years).”

Maybe it was offered for free to “calm” the fears of the citizens, and in return, the people became part of a study. Have no worry that they are now being tracked for health issues. The implication for this is that in the future, should they have an issue with their health, they can always be told that this was a “pre-existing” condition and not covered by their insurance OR that their insurance does not cover “nuclear exposure”. Medical insurance companies are probably working with the Government of Japan to try and cover their liabilities over “nuclear radiation exposure”. It is always about “saving” money and protecting their “stock” rating for them.

The 9498 people were enrolled without any discussion that they were going to be used for a study; the “waiver of informed consent”. “It’s all for the benefit of mankind”, so it’s ok. The “test subjects” data from this Fukushima radiation study will be used so that it can help “future nuclear disaster victims”.

Internal Radiation Exposure After the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Disaster

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