“Schematic of the stricken animal rescue activities pertaining to East Japan earthquake

The answer to WHO was making the decisions about Who would get money from the Headquarters for the Relief of Animals in Emergencies was none other than the Japan Veterinary Medical Association. There was a schematic diagram on the JVMA website that shows they are the organization that is in CONTROL of everything that has to do with major decisions concerning the disaster animals. Everybody else was there to support them.

“Schematic of the stricken animal rescue activities pertaining to East Japan earthquake

Japan Veterinary Medical Association :

Notification and coordination and liaison. Support donation allocation

Headquarters for the Relief of Animals in Emergencies :
Humane society of Japan / the Japan animal welfare society
• Japan Society of household pet animals and Japan Veterinary Medical Association :

Provide funding and supplies, Human resources staffing”




 The response from the Japan Veterinary Medical Association that we received said :

From: ask (ask@nichiju.or.jp) 4/26/13 

The activities of animal aid in Fukushima have been carried on by
Headquarter of Animal Aid Fukushima.
Fukushima Veterinary Association is a member of the HQ and JVMA has supported their activities.
Their web site is as follows.
Please contact them. I recommend you that the contact should be in Japanese.
Thank you.

But, according to their “Schematic of the stricken animal rescue activities pertaining to East Japan earthquake”, they were ABSOLUTELY the right people to contact to answer our questions.  The Japan Veterinary Medical Association.


It would seem that the Japan Veterinary Medical Association is disingenuous when it comes to EVERYTHING concerning the Fukushima Left Behind Animals. The Japan Veterinary Medical Association controls the funds, controls the veterinarians, controls all the Provincial Headquarters via their Provincial Veterinary Associations, and the shelters that hold the protected animals. And, they are probably only holding the animals for some sort of “research” that they will reveal at a later date. Most likely the “blood” samples the same as is done with the cattle. And, if an animal becomes “sick” and dies, they get to necropsy that dog or cat for their tissue bank that they are assembling.

This WHOLE incident REEKS of deception and collusion at the cost of disaster animals’ lives. There is no doubt that this was being sanctioned by the Government of Japan, since they are “working” partners in all other Biological Radiation Research Testing being done, both on humans and on animals. And, now I understand why this showed up on their site (it wasn’t there before): “Informed consent thorough” declaration. (http://nichiju.lin.gr.jp/about/kitei.html#informed)

It is to release them from any “legal” issues concerning research done on animals that might have owners; the same that was discussed in the article about human subjects that were not told that they were becoming part of a study.


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