Fukushima Medical University launches 30 year study :focus Fukushima children and pregnant mothers and the Government of Japan says that living around a highly contaminated area is safe. ????


“In July the Fukushima Medical University launched an ambitious survey intended to establish individual radiation exposures by pinpointing people’s exact whereabouts during the crisis, the amount of time they spent outdoors, and everything they ate and drank. The study will provide ongoing thyroid exams for all of Fukushima prefecture’s children, and checkups for pregnant women and evacuees. It is expected to continue for at least 30 years.”

This is really a statement of just how scientists/researchers view LIFE, any kind of life, human or animal. They are all “potential” study subjects. And, again, if areas of Fukushima are ready to have people come back to live; why the study? Especially one that might last 30 years? Let’s just hope that they inform the people that they are “test” subjects for this study because the Government of Japan wants everyone to move back so that they can live next to a highly contaminated radioactive zone.  (areas that are red and pink on the map)



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