Fukushima University confirms that the Government of Japan is unsure about the long-term consequences on life from radioactive substances.


The Japanese Government officials have no True idea if the area is safe for people to come back to live since they are having so much research done on “understanding the long term consequences of the contaminated areas”. And, really would you want to live next to a highly contaminated area, look at the map? Would you want to live next to the pink or red areas? There is nothing to stop contamination from blowing in the wind and how many references does a person need to read about internal contamination via inhalation, dust getting into your mouth or your eyes to understand that you, yourself, can still become contaminated just by a good wind storm? And, the potassium iodide that people can take only prevents contamination in your thyroid, not lungs or your eyes,etc. That idea offers a “false” sense of prevention.  The Government of Japan has commissioned many studies on the effects of the radioactive substances in the environment surrounding the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant.  That is really all anyone needs to know about whether or not the area is safe to live.

“Japan continues its quest to mitigate areas contaminated in the accident and better understand the long-term consequences for the environment. “a research center to study the long-term environmental effects of radioactive substances released by the crippled Fukushima No. 1 reactor. The center will study the long-term movements of radioactive substances, the processes by which animals take in radioactive substances through the food chain, and measures for environmental regeneration. The center is expected to start full-scale research activities early next year.”

Fukushima University Establishes Center-CSU a Partner in Research

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