The Government of Japan’s Environment of Creation Center to study the effects of radiation even though they claim that it is safe.



The Prometheus Trap article mentions that the second shelter that is now the only shelter being used for pets rescued from the abandoned zones cost $900,000 dollars to build. The article says that the shelter was built using money that is not “prefecture” government money. The shelter is maintained by “donations”. The Government of Japan did have the money for the establishment of the Environment Creation Center (tentative name). They budgeted 8.0 billion yen ($78,160,000). The Environment Creation Center is being created to research and monitor the impact of low level radiation on the environment. The same environment that is “supposed” to be cleaned up or decontaminated so that it is safe for people to come back to live. Does that make sense?

In the meantime, no money can be shown on the Government of Japan’s 3rd Supplementary Budget for the FY 2011 for “helping the disaster animals.”   The Fukushima Left Behind pets and animals are neglected and suffer from that neglect.

1.PROMETHEUS TRAP/ The disaster and animals (14): What about the happiness of dogs and cats? May 22, 2013

“Under the support of a pet-related business and other organizations, the second shelter, whose renovation cost about 90 million yen (about $900,000), was equipped with an air-conditioning system.”

2. “The prefectural government said it plans to establish another shelter for dogs, but its budget is tight. Maintenance of the facility is being covered by donations..”

3. Outline of the Supplementary Budget for FY2011(PDF:103KB)

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