” it was not possible to hold an inspection even once at this nuclear power plant” (Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant)


Why have a “Nuclear Safety Commission” in Japan, if they have no ability to “inspect” the nuclear power plants for any safety issues? What is the point other than having a NSC that is “for show” so that the Japanese public and the rest of the World thinks that the operating nuclear facilities are safe. If that is the case, it’s obvious from the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster that the Government of Japan is failing to truly monitor and ensure that these nuclear facilities are safe. Maybe that is why they are working on trying to develop a “radioactive” resistant strain of rice.

“In fact, during my seven years (1997-2004) on the Nuclear Safety Commission (NSC), there were two occasions when I had a strong desire to inspect Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant and see the older generation nuclear reactors (Mark 1) that I too was familiar with. Nevertheless, despite this desire, it was not possible to hold an inspection even once at this nuclear power plant. To this day, I still regret that I wasn’t stricter in my questioning of the officials in charge as to the reasons why an inspection was not possible.” ~Junko Matsubara, Former Deputy Chairperson of the Nuclear Safety Commission


So many lives, both human and animals, would have not been subject to so much suffering had there not been a Fukushima “nuclear” disaster. NUCLEAR POWER is NOT SAFE.

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